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"Embark on an adventure to discover the breathtaking landscapes at the heart of Sicily with Sicanians. Explore the hidden gems of Cammarata, San Giovanni Gemini, Prizzi, Santo Stefano Quisquina, Bivona, Palazzo Adriano, and more, and experience the culture, food, and people that make this region truly unique. With Sicanians, the beauty of the Sicani Mountains is just a step away!

About us

Dive into the throbbing heart of Sicily with Sicanians, your gateway to the hidden wonders of the Sicani Mountains. It's not just a simple excursion, but an unforgettable adventure inviting you to explore, taste, and experience Sicily like never before.

Feel the adrenaline of our adventurous excursions, tailored for the daring trekking enthusiasts seeking a real challenge, or allow yourself to be lulled by lighter and more relaxing paths, designed for those who wish to indulge in the beauty of the landscapes, without the strain of difficult routes. The choice is yours, and every trail is an invitation to discover more.

Urban trekking is not just a tourist tour, but a real treasure hunt in the cities, where you can unveil the secret beauty of monuments, squares, and alleys, like an explorer in a world full of charm.

But Sicanians is also flavor and culture. With our cultural events, you will experience local traditions not as a mere spectator, but as an integral part of a world rich in history. The show cooking then will allow you to get hands-on with the secrets of Sicilian cuisine, cooking delicious dishes with the help of expert chefs, in a culinary journey that delights the palate.

Discover places of indescribable charm like Cammarata, San Giovanni Gemini, Prizzi, Santo Stefano Quisquina, Bivona, Palazzo Adriano, and many more. These aren't just names on a map but authentic gems to be explored under the guidance of local experts who will open the doors to the history and culture of these lands.

Sicanians is not an option, it's a lifestyle choice. A choice that awakens the soul and enthusiasm, offering the opportunity to create memories that will be etched forever. It's the essence of Sicily, an exciting and authentic adventure that awaits you, a sincere embrace of beauty and culture.

Pack your bag, lace up your boots, and come with us. Sicily is calling you, and Sicanians is your answer.


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Amici nella natura

Discover Sicily through the eyes of those who love it: tailor-made journeys into the authentic wonder of an unforgettable region.

And 'Sicanians©' is our 'brand' 

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