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Available from February 2nd to October 31st.

The experiential tour between
the Sicani mountains - Sicily

Discover the enchanted valley in the heart of Sicily

In the vibrant heart of Sicily, nestled between the shimmering Gulf of Palermo and the majestic Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, lies an ancient pathway, bearing the footprints of Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Normans. This is the realm of the Sicani Mountains, where breathtaking landscapes merge with villages that are true Italian gems, authentic and untouched. Surrounded by lush natural parks, waves of golden wheat fields, and ancient settlements that touch the sky, we are invited on a journey through time, an odyssey that celebrates the deep traditions and rich history of a culture that never ceases to enchant

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The extraordinary heritage of biodiversity

Nestled within the heart of Sicily, the Sicani Mountains Regional Park claims its prestigious position as the third jewel among the island's natural sanctuaries. Spanning a tapestry of 12 enchanting municipalities—including the picturesque Cammarata featured in our travels—it bridges the historic provinces of Palermo and Agrigento, each contributing six towns to this verdant expanse.

But the "Parco dei Monti Sicani" is more than just a feast for the eyes. It's a living testament to Sicily's rich agricultural heritage. Here, age-old farming traditions come alive, giving birth to a plethora of farms that cultivate the land and rear livestock. The result? A treasure trove of high-quality, authentic products that capture the very essence of Sicilian flavor and craftsmanship.

The tour that encompasses the beauty of an unknown territory of extraordinary naturalistic and artistic beauty, far from large tourist flows, but with all the necessary comforts. Comfortable country houses or hotels, tastings of all kinds, comfortable coaches and professional guides always available. The best way to know the real Sicily.


Day 1: Welcome.

Arrival at Palermo (or Catania) airport and transfer to Cammarata, accommodation in the pre-established lodging. Before dinner, welcome cocktail and meeting with your guide for the presentation of the tour. Dinner and overnight stay.


Day 2: Exploring Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini.

After breakfast, we start our day with a visit to Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini. As we stroll through the alleys of Cammarata's historic center, we'll delve into its fascinating history dating back to the Norman era. The urban landscape, characterized by narrow courtyards and staircases of the Arab quarter, will offer us a unique spectacle. Later, we'll indulge in a culinary break in a typical trattoria, renowned for its regional and beyond recognized excellences. Here, we'll taste high-quality cheeses, fresh vegetables, locally-sourced meat roasts, homemade pasta with seasonal ingredients, and traditional desserts. We'll conclude the day in San Giovanni Gemini, visiting the main church that houses the Black Christ "Gesù Nazarè", a revered figure known for the grand annual festival that evokes deep emotions. After the visits, free time for a cocktail downtown. Dinner and overnight stay at the farmhouse.

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scalinate cammarata
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Day 3: Lercara, Prizzi, Palazzo Adriano, Corleone, and Bosco della Ficuzza.

After breakfast, we head to Lercara Friddi, a town known not only as the birthplace of Frank Sinatra's grandparents but also for its imposing main church that, in its crypt, houses over 1000 nativity scenes. We then continue to Prizzi, a small center of Greek origins. Its narrow streets, courtyards, and steep climbs give the village a unique charm, evoking medieval atmospheres. Walking through alleys and staircases, we'll reach the Sparacio square, where we'll admire thematic murals of remarkable beauty. Not far away, we'll discover Palazzo Adriano, famous for being the set of the Oscar-winning "Cinema Paradiso". We'll visit the historic center and the unique Church of Santa Maria Assunta, of Greek-Byzantine rite. After a short coffee break, we'll venture into the "Ficuzza" nature reserve, visiting King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon's hunting lodge and the LIPU bird sanctuary. For lunch, we'll delight in a picnic in the park, accompanied by local wine and typical products. In the afternoon, a stop in Corleone, also known as the "twilight" of the Sosio Valley and immortalized in the movie "The Godfather". We'll conclude the day with a return to the farmhouse, where a traditional dinner awaits and the well-deserved rest.

Day 4: Monte Cammarata, Hermitage of Santa Rosalia, and the Celestial Theater of Andromeda.

After breakfast, we venture towards Pizzo della Rondine, following the Ivy Path that guides us through the natural reserve of Monte Cammarata. This corner of Sicily is a true gem of biodiversity, with breathtaking views spanning green forests and imposing rock formations. Continuing our journey, we reach the Hermitage of Santa Rosalia at Quisquina, a sacred and historically rich place, hidden amongst rocks and vegetation. The hermitage, dedicated to the patron saint of Palermo, is an oasis of peace and spirituality. Here, amidst the ancient stone walls and cool caves, we'll take a moment for pause and reflection, enriching our journey with a spiritual dimension. Taking advantage of the tranquility of the place, we'll stop for a picnic, savoring local delicacies surrounded by nature. In the afternoon, we head to the Theater of Andromeda, an open-air artwork composed of 108 stone blocks, each representing a star of the Andromeda constellation. This structure, in addition to being a tribute to astronomy, offers us a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding landscape, making the experience even more magical. We conclude the day by returning to the farmhouse, where a traditional Sicilian dinner awaits us, followed by a well-deserved rest.

5th day: Among the waters of the Sosio and the wonders of Caltabellotta.

After a rejuvenating breakfast, we board the bus that will take us to the start of the trail along the Sosio river. This path immerses us in a unique river landscape, leading us to discover the old hydroelectric power plant, hidden between deep gorges (known as "naches") and lush riparian vegetation. We stop for a packed lunch surrounded by nature. In the afternoon, the ancient Caltabellotta opens its doors to us. Accompanied by an expert guide, we'll explore the streets of this fascinating village, admiring the Arab-origin Cathedral, the San Pellegrino convent, and the mysterious caves. Our visit ends at the Civic Museum, where we can appreciate the artworks of Maestro Rizzuti. After the discoveries, we return to the hotel for a traditional dinner and a well-deserved rest.


Day 6: Sections of the Magna Via Francigena.

Today we immerse ourselves in the charm of the great journey that, in recent years, has seen a growing number of visitors: we are talking about the legendary Magna Via Francigena. This ancient pilgrimage route crosses breathtaking landscapes and places full of history. After a hearty breakfast, we'll depart from the farmhouse towards Castronovo di Sicilia, a charming village nestled among green hills, known for its history and centuries-old traditions. Here we'll start our stretch of the journey towards Cammarata. At the end of the hike, your bus will be waiting to take you back to your accommodation. But the day doesn't end here: culinary surprises await, including local specialties and traditional dishes. Let yourself be amazed and delighted by the authentic flavors of Sicily!

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Day 7: Mussomeli, Milena, and agricultural immersion in Cammarata.

After a rejuvenating breakfast, we head to Mussomeli to explore the majestic Manfredonico castle. This imposing fortress, built between the 14th and 15th centuries, stands majestically at 778 meters above sea level, dominating the entire valley below. With its towers, thick walls, and secret rooms, the castle tells stories of battles, nobility, and medieval intrigues. We then continue to Milena, where the "house of peasant culture" awaits us. This 19th-century rural dwelling, located in one of the 10 "ROBBE" (small clusters of houses near the town center), offers us an authentic glimpse of Sicilian peasant life of the past. For lunch, we move to a farm near Cammarata. Here we'll have the opportunity to get up close to milk production and its derivatives, coming into direct contact with the farm animals. We'll visit the stables, the milking room, and finally, taste delicious local cheeses accompanied by a good local wine. The afternoon offers free time to relax and enjoy the comforts of our accommodation. The day ends with a traditional dinner and a well-deserved overnight stay.


Day 8: Goodbye Monti Sicani.

After breakfast, transfer to the airport or the possibility to extend the holiday in our hotels.

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