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The Sicani mountains

Extraordinary heritage of biodiversity

sentieri cammarata
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​The establishment of the Parco dei Monti Sicani is justified by the presence of extraordinary vegetational, floristic, faunistic and geological emergencies affecting a vast hilly and mountainous area of ​​central-western Sicily. This naturalistic importance is testified by the presence in the area affected by 4 large established Natural Reserves, 15 Sites of Community Importance plus a vast Special Protection Area. With the establishment of the Monti Sicani park, the 4 large "Monte Cammarata" Oriented Nature Reserves are connected; “Monti di Palazzo Adriano and the Sosio Valley”; "Monte Carcaci"; "Monte Genuardo and S. Maria del Bosco"; which, with the inclusion of the connection areas, bring the area concerned to exceed 40,000 hectares.

The park is crossed by the Sosio river which feeds the Gammauta lake and then continues its journey until it becomes the Verdura river which flows into the Sicilian channel.
The Platani river is fed from Lake Fanaco, which partially runs through the territory of the reserve.
In terms of surface, the Monti Sicani park ranks 3rd among the Sicilian parks, after the Nebrodi park and the Etna park and before the Madonie park.

The Parco dei Monti Sicani included an area of 43,687 hectares divided between 12 municipalities straddling the provinces of Palermo and Agrigento...

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Between the Gulf of Palermo and the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento, along the ancient road that was crossed by Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans, stands the Sican territory, also called "Monti Sicani" with its breathtaking landscapes and villages among the most characteristic of Italy. Through natural parks, wheat fields and high altitude settlements, an experience that reveals the traditions and history of an unforgettable culture.

sentiero portella della vendere monte ca



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Also as regards the fauna, the considerable heterogeneity frequent in the woods determines the presence of distinct niches in the Park. Almost all the native Sicilian mammals such as the wild cat and the fox, several amphibians such as the toad and the tree frog, many reptiles, at least thirteen of the twenty-two native species and more than two hundred species of insects are present. But, as mentioned, it is the birds, especially the birds of prey, which have the greatest faunal importance due to the presence of about one hundred native nesting species, a number just below the total of those present in Sicily. Among the most relevant and rare we find the golden eagle with about three breeding pairs, the falco lodaiolo; the rare Red Kite; among the nocturnal predators are the Barn Owl, the Owl and the Allocco.
A large number of other birds of smaller size also frequent different habitats, such as streams, gorges, overhangs, scrubs, meadows, woods, etc. Among these are the dipper, the nightingale, the raven, the mountain swallow, the cuckoo, the great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos major), the last of this species still present in Sicily, the black cod, the blue tit, the Blackcap, etc.).  The Park area still includes a good number of birds of prey (marsh harrier and fisherman, etc.) in the humid environments and, above all, in the artificial reservoirs. Most of the species mentioned above are among those included by the EEC in the list of Birds of Community Interest, whose protection requires urgent conservation measures. It should also be reiterated, as already mentioned previously, that the Sican region, since "a very important area for the nesting of diurnal raptors and one of the most important in Italy for density and number of species" has been included in the IBA (Important Bird Areas).


There are also many and varied lakes that make up the heritage of the Sicanian reserve, such as Lake Prizzi (near Palazzo Adriano and Prizzi). This is an artificial lake built through a dam. Its waters feed the river Sosio. Lake Fanaco (near Castronovo di Sicilia): artificial lake created in the 1950s blocking the course of the Platani river. The lake is a destination for migratory birds and all around thrives a dense vegetation of Holm oaks, Poplars, Pines, Cypresses and Ash trees. The waters are home to specimens of: Carp, Perch, Eel and Trout and is used for sport fishing.

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The complex of flora entities, as well as the plant associations and the overall vastness of the forests (about 20,000 ha) make the territory of the Parco dei Monti Sicani an extraordinary reserve of biodiversity, as there are not only the typical habitats of areas with a Mediterranean climate. temperate, but also, a vast contingent of plant species more obviously belonging to the mountain habitat, typical of more humid and cool areas.  This, in consideration of the fact that in the protected area fall, as already mentioned above, numerous reliefs that are abundantly over a thousand meters in height.

Discover the authentic "Sicilianity"


We focus a lot on the quality of our products, the high quality of cheese wines and the meat of the Sicani mountains, which over time has acquired the name of excellence in Sicily.


We have a lot of festivals and traditions throughout the year. That’s the real Sicily!

Hight quality made in Sicily

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What to see and what to do

Santa Rosalia Heritage

The history of the hermitage begins in 1624, when, a few weeks after the discovery of the remains of the Saint in the cave of Monte Pellegrino in Palermo.

teatro andromeda.jpg
Andromeda Theater

the open-air masterpiece built in homage to the constellation of Andromeda, was realized on one rock and give emotions to the visitor. The theater is also
 a sculpture park, entirely realizedby the eclectic artist Lorenzo Reina.

Old Towns

The historical centers of the villages are really hidden treasures usually on the rocks that surround castles and churches of extraordinary beauty, and then immerse themselves in the daily life of the Sicilians.

Trekking and hiking

The regional park of the Sicani mountains offers many possibilities for nature lovers, nature trails and breathtaking views.

Pasta ca' muddrica e alici.jpg
Drink & food

A very important chapter is precisely the food offered by the countries of the Sicani mountains, the high quality of the products that make visitors discover an exceptional culinary emotion.

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Traveling through the roads between the Sicani mountains among uncontaminated nature, you will find truly special hidden treasures.

Our tour

Our exclusive tour in the Sicani mountains, a more unique than rare experience, discover the true essence of Sicily

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Your experiential trip in Sicily
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