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The Andromeda theater, a marvel in the heart of Sicily

In the hinterland of Agrigento, specifically, in the territory of Santo Stefano Quisquina there is a theater. Not of historical importance, but of great artistic value, the Andromeda Theater will surprise you with the magical atmosphere that you breathe there. To reach it, you have to take a path surrounded by greenery.

Lorenzo Reina, its builder and creator, takes off the role of shepherd and becomes a sculptor. Stone after stone, cube after cube, his hands shape 108 seats in the shape of eight-pointed stars that are positioned not by chance, but - seen from above - to form the constellation of Andromeda. Nothing is casual, to access the theater you go through a door and another one is at the edge of the same that overlooks the horizon, the view is nothing short of magnificent and is favored by the positioning at about 900m above sea level. . The sensation is that of shaking off the often chaotic urban reality to enter a new, muffled world, where the senses are refined and become more receptive to the enveloping aura of mysticism that characterizes it. However, this point of interest is not only constituted by the theater as such but along the path, there is a sort of open-air museum where you can see other works of artistic importance such as the dying Icarus made by the sculptor Giuseppe Agnello or the monumental sculpture entitled "Imago della Parola" by Ester Monachino which, in particular, on the occasion of the Summer Solstice will leave you breathless for the play of lights of which it will become the protagonist.

The Andromeda Theater in recent years has been the setting for numerous cultural and artistic events, locations where art and nature create a perfect combination.


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