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The Travel blogger video with us in the Sicani mountains.

Today we present the video of Francesco and Veronica of "Positivitrip" made with us in the Sicani mountains.

The well-known travel bloggers have amazed them with our hidden treasures in the Sicani mountains.

Three days of shooting, fun and good food that left our friends speechless.

We started by starting from our trusted farm that with their culinary specialties first of all, the animals and the very nice Pasquale, owner of the company who made us cheer with his way of being.

A little relaxation for our travelers at the beautiful Casale Margherita which is already an attraction with its splendid swimming pool and its spaces surrounded by greenery.

At sunset we took them to the "Andromeda Theater" in Santo Stefano Quisquina.

An incredible place that fascinates every spectator.

Obviously we could not miss a dinner at "South 1995" in Cammarata that delighted us with incredible, simple and very tasty dishes. First of all we went from the cheeses of the area which are of the highest quality. mainly from the Guanà and Mangiapane dairies, known for the red cows of Modica, and then move on to a roundup of organic vegetables from the garden of the owner Romeo Albanese. Then move on to delicious pizzas created with the ancient grains always of the area, known for their high digestibility, one in particular was created with a first salt with wild fennel, a stunning pizza. After a nice dinner, you need a good sleep.

The next day, we left with my brother Calogero, the local expert of the area, for the Montoni fief in Cammarata. We introduced Francesco and Veronica to two very interesting people Fabio and Emma, ​​owners of the company that exports its wine worldwide to more than 27 countries and is constantly growing. Their mighty fiefdom dating back to 1469 is among the oldest in Sicily which preserves the oldest hybrid of Sicilian Nero D'avola among its vineyards.

As soon as we saw this incredible place we left for Prizzi. The origins of the town are shrouded in mystery like the etymology of its name which appears in the form of Peritium in the ancient Norman diplomas. It is difficult to establish if and when the inhabitants of the ancient archaeological site that stands on the opposite Monte dei Cavalli moved there. On top of this already in the eighth century Sicane tribes settled with which already from the sixth or perhaps earlier enterprising Greeks established commercial relations. A walk through the narrow streets is a must.

From there we went a few kilometers to discover Palazzo Adriano, a natural location for Oscar-winning films, such as the "little cinema paradise" with its small thematic museum that tells the story of the film and the shooting at Palazzo Adriano. But beyond this, the true story of this village surrounded by greenery is its history. Colony of Greek-Albanian origin, of feudal foundation (1482) by the Commenda of the Teutonic Knights of the Magione Church in Palermo, which preserves in its mother church "Santissima Maria Assunta" of the Greek - Byzantine rite, all the beauty of ancient times .

But the journey continues, after half an hour we arrive at the hermitage of Santa Rosalia alla Quisquina, whose story we are told about the life of the virgin, (patroness of Palermo) directly by the president of the Pro-loco di Santo Stefano. The hermitage has a charm all of him. The hermitage, an obligatory stop for all pilgrims coming from Palermo, includes, in addition to the "grotto", the church, the crypt and the convent environments such as the cells, the kitchen and the refectory. that we made discover to the two vloggers who were amazed. Giuseppe also made us find what we usually give in our tours, local delicacies of Santo Stefano that delighted the palate.

In the afternoon we went to finish directly in San Giovanni Gemini where we showed the two the beautiful Mother Church of San Giovanni Battista which preserves the cross of the black Christ "Jesus Nazarè", telling the fascinating story of its discovery as well as the beautiful festival that takes place once a year in the heart of the town.

A dinner in the heart of the mountain (called the first refuge) successfully concluded an amazing day for all of us.

Among the many comments in the instagram stories of the boys, an invitation arrives from the Terrarossa oven that absolutely asks to pass by them, And it gives me the idea of proposing it to Francesco and Veronica to really go there, between a shoot and the other the next morning to conclude with a surprise to the owner who obviously was delighted and gave us many delicacies.

Thus ended our tour that we usually also offer to our customers on day trips from Agrigento and Palermo. We try to make you feel emotions in this hinterland full of treasures.

Keep following us because there are still many news.

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